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1kids and GoCougs barn

Our lives have been enriched by dogs since before we can even remember. Rodger grew up with working cattle dogs on a cattle ranch, Christine with ranch dogs and house dogs on a fruit ranch in central Washington State. We have lived with and raised family dogs throughout our married life, along with the sheep, horses, goats, chickens and the many other of God’s creatures that our children have raised and loved over the years as well.

Although we once considered ourselves “Labrador People”, with the addition of our two sons-in-law whose systems cannot tolerate dog dander, we have come to appreciate and enjoy our non-shedding and low allergen canine friends and the benefits they provide our expanded family.  Poodles are highly intelligent, sensitive, loving, faithful, athletic retrievers who live to please and be part of a family pack. They do require a higher degree of grooming than our Labradors, but the trade-off of being able to include our extended family into our home activities is invaluable to us.  Poodles are classy and aristocratic, and make for conversation wherever they are seen.

Our dogs live in our home with us and travel the state with us wherever we go. They are integrated into our lives, given love, and taught polite respectfulness in the same manner we have expected of our own children. A big, sometimes noisy, boisterous and happy family. Our pups start their lives in our home and are socialized with our children from birth, the best possible beginning for a family dog, which gives it a headstart as it comes home to your family.
1leaves in spokane

Kate holds Pips

Kate holds Pips

Pippa is part way through a trim with Mama Christine

Pippa is part way through a trim with Mama Christine

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  1. Do you have any more puppy litters this year? We lost both of our older (18/15 year old) poodles earlier this year, and have just started exploring getting new fur-babies. I love the red/apricot colors. How much do your puppies cost, and we would love to have a pair (so they dont get lonely)?


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