meet the puppies

Our latest AKC Miniature Poodle Puppies were born near the end of October 2019! Adoption fee: $2200.  


Oliver, Red male miniature poodle puppy Adopted, Congratulations Pamela!


Georgiana, Apricot female miniature poodle puppy, Reserved for Jane Ann


We hope for a red miniature litter next spring, fill out a questionnaire or send an email to stay informed.


Here are Henna’s puppies, on their first visit outside! They are sitting on the playhouse porch…

Henna, AKC Miniature Poodle x  Ça Suffit, AKC Miniature Poodle 


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see pictures of Henna and Ça Suffit here

img_3888Spring puppies, all adopted, learning how to climb the step of the playhouse, enjoy sitting on the little porch!

img_0552Spring puppies’irst day to play in the yard!

Please feel free to contact us or fill our friendly questionnaire.

Pictures below are from last winter’s litter, now all adopted.

Puppies are learning to take their potty breaks outside already, a great head start!

We really appreciate all the wonderful people we have met and chatted with along their journey to adding a new canine member to their families!  Enjoy the video below. Our puppies in the video have all been adopted.




 See our adoption page for more info. Have fun in your journey in finding just the right puppy.  We’ll be happy to help you along your way.

Text Christine @ 509-961-9671, or call (during the day) for more info or to reserve a puppy, (we are on Pacific time), and fill our our puppy questionnaire.

We have happy customers, because our emphasis is on temperament and personality, and because we infuse love and respect into our puppies from the day they are born. Thanks for checking in with us.


2 thoughts on “meet the puppies

    • Hi, and thanks for your interest in our puppies! Our Henna is in season as I write this, so we are hoping for puppies in late August. We expect them to be large miniature to moyen sized, a little smaller than Mai Mai’s pups. Both parents are red!


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