meet the puppies

Daisy’s Darling Parti-Poodle Puppies, born May 2022:

Daisy’s spring moyen puppies 2022, all adopted. Watch for our fall litters in September. We are hoping for red moyen as well as red miniature poodle puppies soon!

Eight puppies in all, six boys and two girls! Born on Cinco de Mayo, ready for adoption on July 1. These are fine loving pups, out of our Daisy, whose kind and loving nature is evident in her whole litter.

Write about waiting lists which I will put up when vet has confirmed pregnancy for us. Then after the puppies are born, reserve your puppy with a deposit of $300. Call Christine for details and arrangements! 509-961-9671. Fill out our friendly questionnaire to help me match up just the right puppy for you!

Signe’s spring 2022 red moyen puppies. All Adopted.

Puppy snuggles! Everybody’s taking selfies at our house this spring…!

Contact me about bringing a loving puppy into your life!

Delivery available

2 thoughts on “meet the puppies

    • Hi, and thanks for your interest in our puppies! Our Henna is in season as I write this, so we are hoping for puppies in late August. We expect them to be large miniature to moyen sized, a little smaller than Mai Mai’s pups. Both parents are red!


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