Miniature Poodles


Ça Suffit, Sire

Henna x Ça Suffit anticipated August 2019


Henna, dam, puppies expected August 2019


Our beautiful red moyen poodle named Mai Mai was paired this winter with Ça Suffit, a handsome 18 lb red poodle, so the puppies will be moyen sized, with the smaller pups being large miniatures. Her pups were born April, 2019.   Please see more pictures on our meet the puppies page.  All have been reserved as of June 22, 2019.

Mai Mai means “little sister,” and since she was the only girl in her litter, it seemed like a fitting name, and so fun to say! The picture above was taken last summer while we were on a camping trip, she’s sporting a new trim and looking gorgeous.

Another picture below, of Mai Mai after she had gotten into some cockle burrs and had to get her ears trimmed…her little buddy photobombed the shot.

Henna, our lovely Miniature Poodle, is Mai Mai’s mother.


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