Miniature and Moyen Poodles

Moyen Poodle puppies!

Please find our friendly adoption questionnaire here.

Our Parti-colored moyen AKC poodle puppies, born May 2022, are all adopted. We are expecting a red moyen litter and a red miniature litter in September! Write to us to get on our waiting lists. Thanks so much.

Daisy’s puppies getting special supervised play time with Sarah and visits by families with young children out in our big grassy side field. Their favorite thing is getting love and snuggles and trotting around the field at her heels! So much to see and learn!

When we have more puppies we will put their pictures up on our meet the puppies page.

Photos below are from past litters

Precious Puppies all adopted!
Henna’s 2022 boys are on their first outing on a nice spring afternoon!
Signe (Sigg-nee) last spring with her brand new puppies on their birthday…

Snoozin’ puppies, December 2020!

  moyen-size (petite standard) puppies born December, 2020!  All are adopted.

Cream and Apricot Miniature Poodle Puppies born October 2019 are in the photo below, they are all grown up now, but we love to remember them.

C3C3AFFA-03C9-4B05-A4C5-527456FA8590 The adorable 2019 puppies in the picture above have now been adopted.

Please feel free to contact me by text, call, or email.  Also, I recommend filling out our adoption questionnaire so I can contact you.

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