Puppies, Spring 2017, all adopted

Moyen size standard poodle puppies from a pairing of our Pippa and sire Lincoln of Idaho Jewels were born in mid March.

Miniature poodle puppies made their debut only two weeks later, so we have a house full of puppies this month with two litters!  Our red miniature poodle Henna, with sire Lincoln of Idaho Jewels, had such lovely puppies last year that we decided to this pairing together again, resulting in five new miniature puppies who are healthy and beautiful as well.

Full registration available by arrangement with an additional fee, so be sure to fill out our friendly questionnaire and contact us with any questions.  perfectionpoodles at gmail.com.

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Poodle Puppies, Fall 2016, Moyens and Miniatures.


Puppies below have been adopted

Moyen/Klein poodles are standard poodles of a middle or medium size.  They are a big dog in a smaller package!  Very convenient for families who prefer a more manageable size to a full size standard poodle.

Miniature poodles are also a family-sized dog, a bit taller, larger and more resilient than the toy poodles, but smaller than standards.


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