AKC Poodle Puppies Ready for adoption!

It’s a great time to bring a loving puppy into your life, we all need a little love about now. From our family to yours, we can help make it happen! Our loving puppies will come home to you immunized, health checked, and ready for adoption. Puppies below have been adopted, and we have two new litters coming along. Fine some pictures and info here.

Basil, Reserved, Congratulations Adriane and fam!
Basil’s puppy heart is full of love! He is a fun-loving moyen boy who can hardly contain his excitement so see me. He is highly motivated to be with us and will be appropriate for all experience levels. Basil will be mid size, around 20-25 lbs. and will be an excellent, playful, loving companion. Now adopted.

Basil has high potential as a service animal and come from a line that produced multiple successful service dogs.
Sage and Basil come running when I make the “kissy sound”…they have so much love in their little hearts!
Ivy, on right, Reserved, congratulations Ashley! The good news is that we also have a new red miniature litter just born and available who are cousins to these pups!
Ivy, Reserved!
Ivy with Sarah in the pasture…

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