Red Miniature Poodle Puppies! And Red Mini-Doodle Puppies! Born just a few days apart…cuteness galore!

Cozy x Reddi Rocket new litter! Cozy’s first litter has four girls and two boys, all red.

I expect they will mature around 13-16 lbs, a really nice size, small enough to be lap dogs, and fit under the seat of the plane, but big enough for all occasions: walking, hiking, cuddling, family living, truffle-hunting…

Cozy’s newborn puppies’ pictures are below:

Maggie’s mini-goldendoodle puppies were born just a few days after Cozy’s litter, so we are in puppy land for sure around here!

Maggie’s pups, born Dec 5th, will be ready for new homes after the last week of January. Four boys and two girls. Maggie’s puppies’ pictures are below, (notice there is a plaid backdrop behind them to distinguish them from Cozy’s litter).

Precious little babies! The puppies are varying shades of beautiful red, but I’m afraid my camera didn’t catch the light very well. Puppies seem a bit more orangey in the photos, so enjoy their sweet sleepy newborn pictures here, and I will try to put up some shots that better capture their true red coloring.

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